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Understanding Russian Politics

By on June 30, 2018 in Kamexplore

Russia is such an interesting country, not only is it extremely large but it also dates back as one of the oldest countries and it has managed to remain one of the main actors on the political stage of the world. Many people look at Russia and compare it with a dictatorship and judge the way the country is ruled. Other look at it and see a very well-planned political strategy when it comes to the elections. But what is really the truth about the Russian politics. The country is still a mystery for most of the foreigners that don’t manage to understand the political system. However, it is not as complicated as it may seem. We have listed some of the key elements that influence the Russian politics and culture to better understand the complexity of this country.

Strong Politicians

Russia was always ruled by strong politicians. If we look back in time we see great named like Ivan the Terrible and Peter, the Great that managed to bring a change in Russia and in the European area. This type of ruler became a prototype for the later rulers and the model can be seen even today in Vladimir Putin. The power of the president or the czar is almost incontestable because people know that the leader of the country is working for the overall good of the federation. This is also a thing that is difficult to understand by the foreigners. Even during an economic crisis, just like the one that happened a few years ago, people will still listen to the leader. During the economic crisis there were virtually no protests or revolutions in Russia. On the other hand, all the democratic countries of the world were shaken by protest and civil movements. This is because people trust the leaders and are willing to give up short-term comfort for the later well-being of the whole Russian Federation.

Voting Process

There are a parliament and the Russian people go to vote. There are many people that still perceive Russia as a dictatorship, but it is not the case. Every few years, people go to vote to choose the president and the parliament members. People looked at this switch between Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister in the positions of president/prime minister as quite odd, but this is mainly because the main political party is very strong.

Russia likes to put her interests first, always. This is since the overall mentality is that the leaders and the parliament should work for Russia first. Therefore, the petrol and natural gases are used first in Russia and then in Europe in order to guarantee a minimum of well-being to the Russian citizens. Russia is also a very proud country, and therefore the old political conflicts with other states are still affecting the nowadays diplomacy. But lately these things are changing in good.

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