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The Best Time of Year to Visit Russia

By on October 27, 2017 in Kamexplore

When you think of Russia you more than likely invasion a snowy climate, all that we typically see in photos and movies is cold weather and snow on the ground. People are always dressed in warm clothes and drinking warm drinks or vodka to help keep them warm. You may wonder then, when is the best time to visit Russia? There are many factors to take into consideration when planning a trip to Russia, while the weather is a large factor in deciding when you will visit so is what you plan to do while you are there. Do you want to stay in the main cities and only see the architectural sites, do you want to enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations, or do you want to explore the vast wilderness, perhaps see the deepest lake in the world and the many other wonders that Russia has to hold? All of these play a part when it comes to deciding when you will visit Russia. So, let’s look at them more deeply to help you decide when to plan your perfect trip to Russia.

Of course, summer is a very popular choice for a lot of travellers. This time of year, will be devoid of snow and Russia is beautiful in spring and summer, the blooms are something to be seen. Many of the famous palaces, parks, and gardens are covered in gorgeous lawns, and blooming flowers, something you would miss if you came in the winter time. The temperatures can be quite warm in the summer as well, a lot warmer than you’d expect some even say they are high enough to rival the Mediterranean. In the northern cities, such as St. Petersburg there is not a real darkness and it is light almost 24 hours out of the day, they call this the white nights and it a glorious phenomenon to behold. Because of the great weather, blooming gardens and white nights summer time is a very popular time to travel to Russia, and with popularity comes a rise in prices as well as a rise in people. In can be very busy in the more popular areas and you will no doubt pay more for hotel and travel. Depending on your budget you will want to take these things into consideration when planning your trip.

Another great time of year to visit Russia is in the Autumn, from September to October ideally. It is a briefer time period but is worth is as the weather is not too cold yet, but the summer crowds will have died down substantially. This time of year, is gorgeous as well as the yellow, orange and golden hues of the season start to spread across the city. Depending on the city you are visiting you may even get light snow fall at this time of you.

Once you reach November and travel into the winter months you will see he iconic Russian scene a thick blanket of snow will spread across the cities and landscapes as the winter sets in. While the temperatures will be cold, even freezing, this is still a magical time of year to visit. The snow creates a winter wonderland, combined with Christmas decorations and markets you will see that winter in Russia can truly be something amazing.

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