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Sporting Events to See in Russia

By on August 2, 2018 in Kamexplore

There are many sporting events you can attend in Russia. Many different types of sport are played in the country so you are sure to find a sport that you would be interested in watching. Sports range from motorcar racing to horse racing and more conventional sports.


The Moscow Raceway is a great place to go to witness all the speed and thrill of car racing. The raceway is situated close to the town of Volokolamsk, which is actually not far from Moscow so is easy to get to. In addition to car racing they also do have motorcycle related events, so you can experience the excitement of that as well. A perfect place to get the adrenalin rush!

Horse racing is another great thing to watch in Russia. The main place to go to see horse races is at the Moscow Hippodrome. Here you can watch exciting spectacles every weekend from the month of May until September every year, and there are also sometimes horse races to watch during the week as well. They do host special and unique wintertime racing which take place on the snow. During this time, they have the Russia Troika Championships which involve horses pulling a cart called, as you may guess, Troika.

Football and Rugby

Russia also plays a lot of football and in fact even hosted the FIFA World Cup Football Championship in 2018, which attracted people from all over the world. This shows the interest the Russian people have in their football, and certainly there are many games that can be watched at various times and at different stadiums in Russia. Football is thought by many to be the most popular sport in Russia with many people choosing to play or watch this game.

A growing sport in Russia is rugby, and the Russian team is now ranked number 16 in the world. Although not yet as popular as football, it certainly is growing in popularity among the people of Russia. More people are interested in playing rugby and, therefore, in watching sport. The rugby union of Russia is located in the city of Krasnoyarsk. This is where you can go to find out about when various matches are played. There are many rugby games that you can find in this city.


Russia is also known for its winter sports such as ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating. Figure skating is enjoyable to watch and in Russia they have the Russia Figure Skating Championships which are held every year. This is a very old competition and in fact has been going on since 1878. There are various categories of skating in the championship. For instance, individuals can compete in pair skating, ice dancing, ladies’ singles, and men’s singles. This skating combines elements of athletic ability and artistic expression which is probably why it is so appealing for people to watch. There are many sporting events to watch in Russia and it seems that achievement in sport is important to the Russian people.

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