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Russian Culture and What you Should Know Before Going

By on April 21, 2018 in Kamexplore

Russia is one of the most amazing and diverse countries on the planet. It has the biggest surface, and this means that the traditions and cultures are very diverse. The Russian culture was influenced by many factors throughout the time and now it is known as being one of the most interesting in the world. If you plan on visiting Russia, you should know some of the cultural characteristics in order to integrate better and experience your visit in its fullest. The culture here is very different from the Western one and you will observe that is very linked to the traditions. We have listed some of the main cultural traits you should know before visiting Russia in order to guarantee a successful vacation.

The Language

Annual Russian Heritage

Russia is a country that has Russian as the main language. But you should also take into consideration that the ethnic diversity means that wherever you go, you will hear a different dialect. This is the result of the historical mingling. You should also take into consideration that many Russians speak English, especially in the large cities. As you go more to the East, you will hear many people speaking variations of Russian combined with the languages of the bordering countries. If you plan to go in the countryside, you should definitely bring a digital translator.

The Religion

Russia is known for the strong Orthodox religion. This is a branch of Christianity found in the Eastern Europe. You will observe that there are many churches in all the cities and this is another sign of the strength religion has in this country. If you want to enter a church or cathedral in order to visit, you should be very careful about the outfit. You will not be allowed to enter if you are wearing shorts, no matter the gender. Women should have the shoulders covered and, in some more traditional churches, the women are also asked to cover the hair. Entering in flip-flops is considered a major sign of rudeness and disrespect.

The Holidays

Visiting Russia during Christmas or New Year’s Eve will be an amazing experience. They are very enthusiast about these celebrations and you will find many open markets and events. Be mindful of the vacation days before booking your vacation. There are many free days that can be found only in Russia and if you visit during this time, you will find many museums and historical places closed. Also, be careful about the religious holidays because there is also a risk that you will find the main attractions closed.

Russians are very fashionable. You will see that women wear make-up on a daily basis and both genders like taking care of their image. If you are meeting friends and plan to go to a restaurant, check if the place requires a certain outfit. If it is not written specifically, you should take into consideration that entering in flip-flops will probably be prohibited in most restaurants and clubs.

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