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Is it Dangerous to Travel Alone in Russia?

By on August 30, 2018 in Kamexplore

If you are considering taking a trip to Russia and want to travel by yourself, then you may wonder whether it could be dangerous. Your best defense is knowledge and knowing what to watch out for. It is important to realize that all countries have some element of danger; especially when it comes to tourists. Having an understanding of the culture will help you to fit in and be more aware of perilous situations.

Stay in Large Cities

In the past, Russians have been known to have some racial problems, probably because they were not used to seeing non-European people. Although this is not as prevalent nowadays, it is best to try to stay to larger cities where people are likely to be more tolerant and open minded. If you are by yourself, you are more vulnerable, so make sure to not draw undue attention to yourself and always carry proper identification on you; keep your passport on you at all times.

Avoid Sensitive Subjects

Religion can be an issue as well. People of Muslim faith or of Jewish faith are more likely to be targeted by the Neo-Nazi element that is still present. Be aware of this and, again, stick to the larger cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow where there is more likely to be tourists from different parts of the world. Avoid getting into debates on politics, religion and sexual orientation. Thought the larger cities are more liberal and have more open-minded citizens, attitudes towards homosexuality and transgender is still fairly taboo.

Be Smart

If you are a woman, travelling by yourself through Russia, you definitely need to be cautious. Sexual harassment is not taken seriously by the authorities and gender equality is not something the country is particularly well-known for. As in most places of the world, be very careful going anywhere on your own at night as this is when you are more likely to become a target. There are fewer bystanders to help you at night if you do get into trouble and you are also more likely to get lost in the dark which only makes you even more vulnerable.

There is a problem with police corruption; they may make up a reason to fine you, in which case you will be expected to pay up, so it is advisable to carry some cash on you but not too much. Of course, you can threaten to phone your embassy if you have your phone on you, which may discourage these criminals. It is suggested that you avoid the police if you can and try not to stand out too much as a tourist, as this makes you more likely to become a target for ruthless criminals.

Russia is a marvelous country to visit with much culture and scenic beauty to enjoy, but you should keep some of our tips in mind, especially if you are traveling alone. It does not have to be dangerous to travel by yourself if you just keep your wits about you and use your common sense.

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