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Interesting Places To Visit In Russia

Interesting Places To Visit In Russia

By on December 9, 2017 in Kamexplore

When you start to think about places you might find interesting to visit in Russia the first thing you realize is that the scale of the country is enormous and therefore the choices almost endless. The diversity of the various regions in the country mean there is probably something for everyone in terms of indoor or outdoor entertainment with both beautiful countryside and amazing city activities. Suffice to say it is impossible to cover even a fraction of the available options but lets take a look at some of those easy to find as well as a few a little more quirky!


Moscow is without doubt the most familiar city to those of us who live in the western world. There is good reason to start a visit to Russia here because it is naturally most accessible and offers some of the most notable and iconic land marks in the country. We have probably all seen pictures of the famous Red Square situated conveniently in the center of the city. The Square itself is an amazing land mark so one should take that in for a moment.


Moscow colors

Looking around you realize that the square is flanked on all sides by similarly amazing features with the Kremlin to one side, along side Lenin’s tomb, both of which can be toured though often times the wait can be extensive so its perhaps good to book a specific tour that will cover these venues and allow you to skip the wait. On the other side of the square, in complete contrast, is the largest department store in Russia, GUM, where every imaginable modern day item can be found.

Moscow is of course a thriving European City so can offer all the expected conveniences and trappings alongside all the amazing historical features. One such feature, right there in the Red Square, is St Basil’s Cathedral as unique a structure as you could hope to find and unlike any other building in Russia. The cathedral was begun in 1555 by order of Ivan The Terrible and work continued on it until 1561. This amazing building almost looks like it would be more at home in Disney Land with its colorful turrets reaching to the sky, a representation of a bonfire flame reaching skywards, and the building is now part of a UNESCO world heritage site.

Whilst in Moscow it is quite likely that you will want to travel about a bit and what better way to do this then on the city’s subway. Unlike many subway or metro systems around the world the one in Moscow can boast some of the finest architectural features in the city.

This is an inexpensive, awe inspiring experience not to be missed as the huge vaulted ceilings draw your gaze ever upwards where they can feast on the wonderful feats of engineering and artistry. Marble colonnades, beautiful mosaic tile work and stained glass windows are some of the features not to be missed and represent work by some of Russia’s most famous architects and sculptors.

Moscow is of course a thriving European City

Moscow is of course a thriving European City

Culture and History

Take a ride while you’re out and about and visit Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure. This three hundred acre park in Moscow first opened in 1928 and was the first of its kind in Russia. Its riverside location attracts large numbers of locals and visitors alike and currently the parks main focus is on providing an eco-friendly areas where families can enjoy recreation. The park is largely laid to lawn with easy access on newly installed walk ways and where once gaudy amusement arcades and rides prevailed the latest  transformation focusses on tasteful, well placed rides and well crafted areas or zones where one can enjoy free entry and good wi-fi connections to facilitate the modern day requirements in this internet age. Frequent outdoor events and an overall more contemporary feel have elevated Gorky Park so that it now stands along side world class parks. Year round the park delivers especially in the winter when the freezing conditions turn certain areas into a skaters paradise!

Culture and History

Culture and History

If this all seems a little too conventional for your taste how about taking yourself off to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games. A small but fascinating collection of Soviet era arcade game machines can be found on display featuring video machines, pinball, hockey and football. Some of the machines are still operational and included in the entrance fee are some tokens that allow you to try your hand at the games that still work so you can enjoy a truly authentic experience. After trying out these fascinating old games I was reminded of the games I love to play online, like puzzles or spinning games. It just goes to show people have loved games for decades and now we can play them anywhere.

Similarly Bunker 42 is a quirky little excursion that takes you off the beaten track. Under the streets of Moscow you can experience bunker life as it was designed for Stalin himself. Just a glimmer of the many varied places one can visit in this truly remarkable country.

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