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Interesting Animals to Look Out For in Russia

By on May 13, 2018 in Kamexplore

Russia’s forests and lakes are home to a variety of rare and unique animals found only within the country’s more inward parts. Many of them are on the Red List of endangered species and inhabit some of Russia’s remotest parts. Below are some interesting animals to look out for in Russia’s lush forests and natural lakes.

1. Russian desman

The desman has been on the planet for millions of years. With limited eyesight like a mole, the Russian desman has a tail and lifestyle like the Australian platypus. This unusual animal is what they call a semiaquatic, which is unique all in itself. It is found around the Don, Volga and Ural rivers. This animal is presently under protection as it was on the brink of extinction because of its unique fur and the strong aromatic properties of its musk.

2. Seals of Lake Baikal and Lake Ladoga

The seals are the only mammal inhabitants of Lake Baikal and Lake Ladoga. The Baikal seal and the Ladoga ringed seal are very beautiful with gorgeous eyes that, adorable pups, and a curious nature. Lake Baikal also features a sealarium, here you can go and see these cute creatures as they live in their natural habitat and show off their cute mannerisms.

3. Putorana Snow Sheep

Endemic to the impenetrable and less accessible Putorana Plateau, the cautious Snow Sheep is both brutal and graceful. The relatively straight horns differentiate the females from the males with wide and interesting horns. It eats on steep rocks at an altitude of 1,700 meters. Sighting one requires a fair amount of luck, but if you are able to see one they are worth searching for.

4. Ross’s Gull

This strikingly beautiful yet dainty looking bird is found in the environments of the Russian Arctic, Eastern Siberia and the cold Kolyma, Indigirka, and Anadyr rivers of the north. Once food for the Eskimos, the hunting of Ross’s gull is now prohibited. Its plumage is a mixture of snow-white and unique pink feathers, they are truly beautiful.

5. Amur lemming

This rare animal looks like an oversized hamster or a guinea pig but with more fur. They live in the larch forests along the Amur River in Eastern Siberia and Kamchatka, feeding on insects and moss. It’s not easy to spot an Amur lemming. These rodents dig deep labyrinth-like holes in the soft moss and eat more  a lot of food for its weight. While you may not always see them they are a unique animal and if you do see one you can count yourself lucky.

6. Siberian crane

The Siberian crane is majestic with snow-white plumage and a long red beak. They avoid humans and are on the Red List as a critically endangered species. You can spot these rare birds in Yakutia and close to Yamal in Western Siberia where it is revered as a sacred bird by the Khanty people. President Vladimir Putin flew with the cranes in 2012 during The Flight of Hope.

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