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Hidden Gems of Kamchatka

By on September 12, 2017 in Kamexplore

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a hidden gem in itself, a small peninsula in the Russian far east it is found between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. It is located directly adjacent to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench, a 34,000 ft deep trench. The peninsula is home to over 322,079 inhabitants, the majority of which are ethnic Russians. It is also home to the volcanoes of Kamchatka, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of which makes this little-known peninsula a fascinating place, full of hidden gems.

Kamchatka has a rich history of exploration, many Russian explorers have ventured to the peninsula since the late 1600’s as technology and exploration tactics improved they were able to discover more and more. One thing they all noted was the geographical beauty of the area. The peninsula lies on the same latitude as Great Britain and therefore has similarly cold, wet and snowy weather. Getting to Kamchatka is no easy task, it takes time and effort, there are no roads that lead directly there, the most common way to arrive is via airplane. Once you are there, however, you will quickly realize that it was worth the time and hassle to get there!

One of Kamchatka’s best features is its abundant flora, because of the variable climate there are various flora zones. There are beautiful forests of pine, birch, alder and willow. While a lot of the peninsula is tundra there are forests that are worth seeing.

All of these various flora species promotes a wide variety of animals that come to feed on the flora. It is most known for the abundance of large brown bears. It is estimated that there are three to four brown bears per 100 square kilometres in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. There are also tundra world, arctic fox, Siberian lynx and many other gorgeous animals found throughout the peninsula.

One of Kamchatka’s greatest gems is that it has a vast diversity of salmonid fish, possibly the greatest in the world. You can find all six species of Pacific Salmon (chinook, chum, coho, seema, pink, and sockeye) Scientists have estimated that a fifth of all Pacific Salmon originates in Kamchatka. Salmon fishing is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the peninsula.

Another very popular spectacle on the peninsula is the expansive volcanoes. There are nineteen volcanoes that take up the volcanoes of Kamchatka. This is another great site to see while visiting the peninsula, you can climb and hike many of them through guided tours. There are many climbs that are easily doable for a novice hiker, and of course there are more difficult climbs for the more experienced outdoorsman.

Regardless of which of these many hidden gems draws you to this little-known wonder in the east of Russia you will quickly fall in love with this scenic and beautiful area. From wildlife to hot springs and volcanoes there is something for everyone. Be sure to add it to you list of must visit areas.

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