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Greatest Restaurants In Russia

Greatest Restaurants In Russia

By on November 29, 2017 in Kamexplore

You’ll have no problem finding a meal in Russia. No matter who you are, a true food connoisseur, an unpretentious gourmand, a budget eater or a big spender, you will always find a place to your liking. And since you are in Russia, you must not miss the chance to try some national dishes. It is often said that Russian cuisine no longer exists, but here are some examples for you to try. Schi, solyanka, yha and rassolnik are traditional hot soups and okroshka is cold soup usually made with kvas. Come and explore the tastes of these strange names! Have you made your decision to try them out? Then here are some nice places or let me say the greatest places you will certainly get them.

Café Pushkin: if you are a Russia’s social elite, then this is the place for you to be. It is designed to recreate the feel of the 19th century aristocrat’s house. The restaurant has become one of the most popular in Russia (Moscow), because of its quality food, impeccable service and excellent vodka selection. The atmosphere of pre-revolution Russia is delightfully charming, from the flowery script of the menu to aristocratic country house décor. Pushkin is the ideal destination if you want to be treated like Russian nobility and dine like a Tsar – but book ahead, the restaurant’s popularity requires reservation well in advance.

Buono: the views from Buono are unashamedly spectacular, while the décor is elegant, with soft creams complementing the fine views on offer. The food is classical Italian; Chef William Lamberti is well known throughout Europe and has created an excellent menu. It’s always best to book ahead at Buono, as the window seats that offer the finest views over the city are quickly taken.

Piccolino: serving typical Italian food, the family friendly establishment is laid back, but this doesn’t compromise the quality of the food: good, hearty portions that are exceptionally tasty. The interior of Piccolino has been designed to replicate that of a large country house, and the décor is entirely fitting with the atmosphere of the restaurant. In a city where many of the establishments value the names of their guests over the quality of their dishes, Piccolino is the place to come if your preference is quality of food rather than famous faces.

CDL: the interior has been gorgeously designed to recreate the splendour of the Silver Age of Russian culture, with antique balustrades and bas-reliefs throughout the oak hall main room. The staircase in the oak hall is a particular masterpiece; it was built without a single nail or screw. The fireplace is equally impressive and has been used as a meeting room by president Dmitry Medvedev. Guests can also hire additional rooms, such as the cigar room and the cabinet room. A menu of authentic Russian cuisine has been created by top Moscow chef Alexander Popov, with organic dishes bursting with flavour and a splendour to match the opulent surroundings. With so much luxury and class on display, it’s little wonder that former US Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush have chosen to dine here.

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