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Five Unknown Places to Explore in Russia

By on October 12, 2017 in Kamexplore

Russia is a vast country! It is large in size as well as in culture and history. When you think of visiting Russia there may a few popular places that come to mind, Red Square where the Kremlin is located. St. Petersburg, with its great museums, or perhaps you are a fan of the arts and you want to see the Russian ballet. These are very common Russian sights that you have np doubt heard about and are anxious to see, and while these sights are all amazing and not to be missed there are a few unknown treasures throughout Russia that should be added to your itinerary for your next trip to Russia, here are a few of what we think are must see Russian places.

Dargavs Village

The village of Dargavs, which is often called the City of the Dead has an ancient cemetery that dates back centuries. It is located in a 17-kilometre long valley and those who lived in the village buried their loved ones along with their belongings in this valley, there is said to be about 100 ancient stone crypts in the valley. Archaeologists are curious to explore this city further has it has so many links to the way people lived in this area over 400 years ago. There are many myths and legends that surround this village making it a place of mystery and of course a fascinating place to visit while in Russia.

Kizhi Island

Located in Karelia’s Lake Onega there is a cornered off area with a cluster of 18th century Russian architecture still standing tall today. On Kizhi Island there are two large churches and a bell tower that are make in all wood and in the old style of architecture from years ago. The Church of the Transfiguration is over 120 feet tall and is very impressive to see. It is believed the buildings were built in 1713 to 1714 and legend says that the builder used a single axe to complete the works. While very few foreigners know of this place it is an absolute must see! It is gorgeous and full of such art and history. It’s a wonder it is now more well known.

Lenin’s Tomb

Vladimir Ilych Lenin was embalmed and lays in a red granite and black labradorite pyramid. You can gaze into the tomb and see his embalmed body. In his will he requested that he be played in the ground upon his death, however, he was embalmed instead. The government planned to bury him after the funeral, but the Russian people wanted otherwise. They apparently received over 10,000 telegrams from grieving Russian people asking that his body be preserved and placed where people could see it so that generations to come could know of the great Russian leader. You can know go and see his body on display and pay respects to him as the people wanted.

As Russia is such a huge country there is so much to see, we are sure you will like a few of these more unknown places!

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