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Cute Cafes to Check Out in Russia

By on May 15, 2018 in Kamexplore

From Moscow to St. Petersburg, there many cute cafes to check in Russia. Each offering different and unique services that you are sure to enjoy. Here’s a list of great coffee spots to visit in Russia.

Bosco Café

Situated on Red Square, Bosco café is a great coffee spot for visitors to the neighbouring St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s tomb. This cute cafe is charming with its sun-soaked terraced overflowing with lovely hydrangeas.

Coffee Mania

Muscovites consider Coffee Mania as the best coffee shop in Moscow. This cafe offers stellar specialty coffee made by trained baristas with Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards at the Russian Latte Art Championship.


St. Petersburg’s Biblioteka (library) is home to fascinating cosy cafes, a restaurant, trendy bar, bakery, flower shop, and bookstore. Visitors can enjoy live music performances while being well-fed with healthy and hearty meals all day long.

Cafe Pushkin

Named after the popular Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, this book-lined café attracts locals and tourists alike who come here for traditional Russian cuisines and elaborate desserts. Visitors can also get a tour and history of the café.


A little, hipster coffee house staffed by caffeine aficionados is the cafe to go for a strong cup. Enjoy freshly brewed espresso along with a snack or a light meal. You can buy coffee beans to take home and peruse the pottery available for sale.

Vogue Café

On the menu is everything from creamy cappuccinos to superior cocktails. No wonder it is the coffee spot for most fashionable Muscovites shopping in the high-end shops in the neighbourhood.

Books and Coffee

Established by famous Russian writer Aleksandr Zhitnitsky, Books and Coffee is one of Petersburg’s best-kept secrets. Visitors can sit quietly with a cup of superbly brewed coffee and read books, examine the fantastic art exhibitions, attend concerts, and meet with local artists. Coffee-based cocktails and several literary-themed ice creams are available too.


This is a cute little coffee shop/gallery in Kazan is popular among students. It offers cold brews, percolator and barista expresso in a hip relaxed atmosphere. The cafe offers snacks and pastries too. Visitors can get a painting and a latte to go.

Small Double

This cute cosy coffee shop has a truly personal and inviting feel. Curl up in a spot with a book and a cup of perfectly brewed frothy cappuccinos, zingy espressos and chocolate cake with cream for an amazingly relaxing afternoon in Petersburg. Enjoy a cup of refreshing iced coffee at Small Double in summer.


The crisp, chic decor of this French-style bakery/cafe harmonizes the cafe’s theme with its extensive menu. The menu offers pastries, French-inspired dishes, plenty of drinks and boozy coffees. Next time you step over into the magical country of Russia for a visit, or if you live there already then be sure to take a moment to check out one or two of these cafes, you are sure to love each and every one of them.

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