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National Parks to Explore in Russia

National Parks to Explore in Russia

By on April 4, 2018 in Kamexplore

Here are some national parks to explore in Russia out of the 48 currently located in the country.

National parks of Central Russia



Crossed by four rivers and surrounded by beautiful small lakes, this beautiful Russian national park is home to flourishing natural plant and animal species. There are several horse-riding, pedestrian and water routes around the park. You can also visit the Devil’s Hillfort and the Zalidovskiye meadows.

Lake Pleshcheyevo

The “heart” of the reserve is a large circular freshwater lake banked by the ancient town of Pereslavl-Zalessky. The lake is rich in fish and you can windsurf in summer. You can also admire the Blue Stone, see the small boat of Peter I or visit the Dendrological garden.

National parks of North-West Russia

Kenozersky National Park

This is one of the most beautiful natural and historical parks of Russia. The lush forests are full of berries. Nature and architectural monuments tell of the ancient cultures in the Russian north. Transparent lakes are surrounded by 17th and 18th-century wooden churches. You can visit the Vershinino Village museum. Fishing here is good too.

Valdaysky National Park

This park is popular for its Seliger lake and the beautiful 17-18 century Valday Iversky Monastery. You can attend the festivals of songs, visit the ancient Valday Town, partake in tourist meetings, or go on a cruise in the lakes. It has good access by transport and is close to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Valdaysky National Park

National parks of Southern Russia.


Home to the Narzan Meadow with springs of healthy mineral water and mount Elbrus (one of the seven highest peaks in the world), Prielbrusye attracts alpinists and skiers. It also houses many local gorges and mountain passes with mystic reputation.

Sochi National Park

Sochi National Park

This is a great holiday spot. Here, the Caucasian mountains with several rugged mountain rivers and springs, waterfalls, caves and relic groves, religious stones and settlements of the Neolithic Era towers above the coast of Sochi City.

National Parks of Volga (Privolzhsky) Federal District

Bashkiriya National Park

The lush forests are inhabited by rich wildlife. You can visit the Bear Meadow, the Kuperlya karst bridge, the Sumgan Cave, disappearing rivers, springs, funnels and the tunnel. The park offers a lot of walking and horse-riding routes.

Samarskaya Luka

In its broad-leaved forests and rocky steppes, you can find plants from the Pliocene and the Ice Age. The Zhiguli Mountains peaks offer impressive views of the park. There are over 500 karst funnels and caves inhabited by the largest bat colony in Europe. You can fish and visit the several memorial houses and museums in the park.

National Parks of Ural



This park is popular for its tall mountain ranges, several climatic zones, huge vertical skerries, and mystical legends. You can make a wish on the Kruglitsa mountain, visit the Otkliknoi ridge, the stone rivers (one with a lucrative deposit of goldstone) and the Valley of the Fairy Tales. The park can be easily accessed by transport from Zlatoust town.


One of the most popular national parks in the Urals with eponymous mountain range Zyuratkul and lake. Notable are the huge white stones such as the rib-shaped Zyuratkul Pillars and the artesian fountain which turns into a huge rising icicle in winter.

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